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This website focuses on the Goparel Network’s fun activities & schedule. Stay up to date with their metaverse, gaming, trivia, podcasts, & more. It’s like a free entrance into our lives!

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Featured Events

Live 24/7

Goparel Discord — Always Open

Live 24/7

Goparel Telegram — Always Open

Every Sunday

Telegram Trivia Sundays w/ Prizes for Participants.

Every Wednesday

Official Wax Wednesday’s X (Twitter) Space 1 pm edt – 2 pm edt.

Pop Up Space

WAX Blockchain WAX Wolves Pop Up Twitter Spaces (anytime) – until 12/31/23


Find Us In Eyeverse Related Spaces Throughout The Week. We Join When We Can.

About the Metaverse

The Goparel Network has its own space in the metaverse. You can use your favorite web browser or mobile device to join our world.

It has many halls and more coming in time. It has a party club, pond for fishing, and games, and features creators along with authors to showcase their information and work.

We can host special events and more. Come on inside and check out the whole space. It is open 24/7.  We also have chatrooms (Discord & Telegram) that have video and voice chat running 24/7 for all.

The chatroom also contains games, and tools, and is great for finding us. Find out more about that below on this website.


Featured Exhibits


Become a WordPress Expert

We offer all the tools needed to operate and maintain an optimized and healthy WordPress website. This is a full package with offered perks.


A Superstar Cast of Great Authors

We provide quality content from quality authors. The blog and categories are constantly growing. Each author has an exhibit.


Merchandise from Lots of Artists

We offer all sorts of merch and every artist has their own booth to showcase their stuff. See the Waxp Art areas to see all the creators.


We Create NFTs and More

Have a look at our NFT area for some information on current and past activities. We’re always adding to this section and providing content.


We Print on Demand

We tie-dye and print shirts right in our facility for local orders and use print professionals globally to utilize green shipping. See more in our metaverse.


We Love to Host Everything

From small spaces to websites or even dedicated servers, we host it all. Come see how we can host your next project in the metaverse.

Latest Activities 

Upcoming & Ongoing


WAX Wolves Official Pop-Up Spaces and 1st of the Month Spaces – Current – 12/31/23

WAX Wednesday Official Twitter Space 1 pm – 2 pm EDT (Off Weeks We Fill In Unofficially)

Trivia Night — Sundays (All Day). Participants Are Entered Into NFT Giveaways! Play In Our Chatroom.

Telegram Live Stream — 24/7 Cameras Usually On, We Alternate Our Cams and Usually Have 9 Running We Share.

WAX Twitter Spaces in General —  Whenever available.

Lurking Daily & Easiest Way To Find Us — Our Telegram Chatroom

Group Therapy Twitter Space — When Available Saturdays

Eyeverse Spaces — Whenever Available.

Amber or the Goat Taverns — Whenever Available.

Ton Tuesday Twitter Space — 1 pm – 2 pm EDT

Youtube Live Stream — 24/7 Cameras Usually On, Animal Cams. Sometimes Tie Dye & Working.

Music Live Stream — 24/7 Music Streams in Our Chatroom. You Can Always Mute & Chat If You’d Like.

NFTopia Events — TBD Every 3 Months

NFTCircus Podcast When Available — 1 pm-2 pm EDT Saturdays

Featured Past Events

Derek Co-Host — 1pm-2pm 01.25.23

Carly Co-Host — 1pm-2pm 04.26.23

Pixtalgia Game Shop Added — 01.30.23

ConsumerBreak Big Collab — 09.1.23

Goparel Ama Breakman Giveaway —04.28.23

NFTopia Events — 2023

Mega Merch Giveaway — 11.21.22

NFT Community Day 2022 — 9.30.22

Neftyblocks Besty Teamup — 12.19.22

Dygycon Past Events — Throughout 2022

Goparel Joins NFTCircus Podcast — 05.06.23

Waxhispano Mystery Box — 2023

Live Tournaments

Join and Start!


We currently showcase the top 20 members in our Telegram Chatroom. 


Featured Sponsors

Our Official Chatroom

The best way to contact us and get involved with all we do is simply by joining our official Goparel chatroom. We’re always having a good time there.


Free A.I. Assistance

We have an A.I. system in our chatroom that you can use privately or publicly. Learn or have fun with it.


24/7 Live Chat & Video Feed

We have a free 24/7 live video chat where you can listen, talk, and stream your cam and or screen.


Community and Games

We have many games and ways to interact with one another in our community chat. You can join and start right away.

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