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This section is no longer being updated at this time.

We simply do a lot, and I don’t feel keeping a list of everything we do is necessary.

We may come back to this another time. For now, the best way to reach us is through our Telegram.

Past Events

Always Updated

Here we will keep you updated with all our past events. The newest event will always be at the top unless it was featured. We’ll keep it simple by using bullet points.

Event List

  • Goparel Joins the NFT Circus
  • Surprise NFT Drops
  • Goparel NFT Drop With Consumer Break
  • Goparel Joins NFTopia 2
  • Crazy Buffalo Giveaway
  • Tricky Creations Giveaway
  • Jess&Mike Giveaway
  • Carly Co-Hosted Official Wax Wednesday Space
  • Try Tricking The A.I.
  • Goparel Gaming – ongoing – see main page for dates
  • Goparel Trivia – ongoing – see main page for dates
  • Derek Co-Hosted Official Wax Wednesday Space
  • Pixtalgia Game On Wax Added Our Shop
  • Dygycon Past Events Throughout 2022
  • Mega Merch Giveaway with a Box Load of Goods
  • Wax Stars Holiday Giveaway
  • Crackers Advent Calendar
  • Goparel and Neftyblocks Teamup with Betsy PFP
  • Exchanged Merch for Goparel Token Holders
  • Air Dropped NFTs for Goparel Token Holders
  • Wax Hispano Mystery Box Event
  • Birthday Party Celebration for Pixtalgia Game
  • Gave Away Merch At Dygycon
  • NFT Community Day Event in Amsterdam
  • Lots of Giveaways in 2021 and 2022


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